Replacing a Tapestry and Making a Pompom Rug

In the last few years, I have renovated and redecorated my bedroom. But there was still something to do. In my bedroom, there is wall completely made of woodworks(not very sophisticated, quite basic), on each sides there are my two cupboards, used a my closet, and in the middle there is a fireplace, with a big mirror on top of it. And on top of this mirror, there is a old fake tapestry(just a big drawing)

And indeed, this tapestry is very old and in very bad condition, as you can see below :

To be honest, this is absolutely abominable ! Everything is clean, fresh and new in the room and there is that thing in the middle of the wall. I couldn’t stand it anymore, I had to do something.

And I find something. As this element is primordial to reflect the mood, the spirit of the room, I had to choose carefully what to do, how to replace this ugly thing. First, I thought about buying a big drawing and to glue it. But finding a drawing with the exact measures would be almost impossible. I had another idea, easier and not very complicated. I’ll show you.

First of all, I cut out a piece of fabric fitting the space.

Then I made severals paper roses in many colors, using a snail pattern.

This pattern is very simple, all you have to do is to draw this snail form on your paper, to cut on the lines and to roll to make the flower. I made a lot of them and tightly glued them on the piece of fabric all around to make a floral. I also made some green leaves. To make it look more realistic and add some color.

I have to confess I’m totally in love with this « flower bed on the wall ». It’s colorful, making a contrast with the predominance of the white color on this wall. And it has relief which gives life to the room in a way, it’s not like an usual motionless drawing, it gives the feeling that the room is a garden with flowers growing. I use it as a poster frame,to display some postcards,concert’tickets and other memories.

What do you think ? Do you like this idea? Would like to have something like this in your bedroom ? If so, would you prefer flowers or something else ? Tell me in the comments.

But, my flower frenzy didn’t stop there. I went for an other DIY involving flowers.

Since I’ve seen on Pinterest how to make a small pompom carpet for your bed, I wanted so hard to try it! So I decided to make one with the same roses theme. 

To make my pompoms,I choosed threads with colors reminding of roses.Different shades of green for leaves,and different shades of pink etc to imitate the different steps in a rose life, rose buds, faded roses and so on.

I used a very useful and easy technique to easily and quickly make severals pompoms. 

Here I used a mug holder to make skeins,but anything would do the job.The idea is very simple. You make a skein, then you make knots on this skein. Those knots would be pompoms centers. As my skeins weren’t very long,I just made 2 knots. Then, cut between the  knots and at the edges. You got pompoms ! 🙂

Then,when you have all your pompoms,tightly glue them on one piece of cardboard.

As I wanted to imitate a rose bush lifetime , I made a gradation in the flowers colors,from bright colors to faded colors,from young rose bush to old one.

What do you think of this one? To be honest, I didn’nt think it would turn out like this. I love it ! It’s so cute and soft.

Which today’s DIY is your favourite? How would be your version? Tell me in the comments,and don’t forget to share on Instagram if you redo one of them.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.

See you soon. ❤

Ady ❤

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