Reorganizing your closet

Welcome back everyone ! How was your week ? How are you spending the weekend ? Do you have sunny weather for the first day of May ? Here, we don’t, just wind. 😦

Today, I’m gonna share with you some lifehacks and, of course, DIYs, about organizing your closet.

Girls, I think I’m not the only girl in the world with too many things in my room, and too many clothes in my closet. So, today’s post will be mainly about organizing clothes and so on. Recently, I decided to put in order all that stuff(is it because of Spring cleaning mood?)

I want to share with you ideas to help you to make you closet easier to manage. Hope it will be helpul. Let’s get started !

The first way to put in order your closet is to remove clothes you don’t need anymore, you don’t really wear. Just throw all the clothes on your bed and pick out clothes you never wore, clothes you don’t like anymore and won’t wear in the future. Put aside undamaged clothes to give them away(to your friends, family, people in need and associations), as for damaged clothes, you can keep them to do some refashions.

Now that you picked out which clothes you’re going to keep, it’s time to think about storing and organizing them in your closet. But most of the time, we end up with this :


Of course, if you have a very modern closet with lots of drawers, there are less risks for you to face this king of problem.

As my closet doesn’t have real drawers, I decided to create my own drawers. But I have to confess I’m not a talented cabinet maker. Making wooden drawers wasn’t a reliable option in this case. So I used some of the cardboard boxes stored in my workshop. Actually, most of those boxes come from the supermarket(Aldi, do you have Aldis in your country?), every time I go to shopping I take some of those boxes. I think they are quite convenient, quite strong for cardboard and already made. You just have to cover them with nice paper and you’re done. Moreover, shoeboxes are also very useful for this kind of purpose.

So, I made different kinds of drawers with different kinds of boxes. I’m gonna show how to simply make storages for your clothes out of boxes.

Number 1 : storage for all your underwear. Does it ever happen to you, being late and not finding the underwear you want because it’s just a huge mess in the drawer ? In my case, it happens very often, very annoying…. To make this kind of storage, you’ll use some narrow boxes.

It’s quite narrow which is not a problem for underwear, and it’s quite deep, which allow you to store enough. The idea is very simple, assemble may boxes together to make a big drawer with many divisions.

Clip them together using a stapler.

Use as many boxes as you can, just make sure that the whole thing will fit in your closet and that you’ll be able to remove it, if neccessary. Don’t forget to cover it with paper, it will add some color inside of the closet and it’s nicer to see nice drawings on your drawers than cat food pictures….

With this storage you can store separately differents underwear, you won’t mix them, which is quite useful in the morning.


Number 2 : storage for shirts, pants, pullovers. The classic way to store them is by folding and piling them up in the closet. But the problem with this method is that you don’t see everything, if you want the shirt at the bottom of the pile, you have to « destroy » everything to get it and quickly it’s a real mess. However, there is a different method. Instead of folding clothes, you roll them and store them horizontally and not vertically in the drawer. I needed boxes that would allow me to do this. I used quite deep, as wide as shirts, pullovers etc, and as long as the closet.

Firstly, I covered them with paper, then I fastened them by two, using a stapler.

I made two levels, because I didn’t have more boxes and because I couldn’t get more than two levels inside of the closet.

Making more than one level allow me to use the maximum of the space, and I fastened two divisions together to make it more convenient. If the shirt I want is in the bottom , it’s not a problem, I can easily remove the top.

Number 3 : storage for very light clothes. For those clothes that can’t be folded like the others, I made a different storage. I used very large and quite long boxes but not deep ones. I just covered them with paper, filled them and stored them in the closet.

Concerning shoes, I didn’t find any DIYs I could do to make a storage. First, I advise you not to have too many shoes, which is quite difficult I have to admit. You can keep them in their boxes in your closet, it’s not the more convenient method but at least it allows you to keep them organized and not messy.

Generally, if your closet isn’t big enough, there are other storage options. You can use the space under your bed. It’s very convenient to store things you don’t use that much. Also, you can get a drawer for under the bed, a drawer with casters, to store your pyjamas, bed sheets etc. You also may hang up scarfs, vests etc on the back of your bedroom’s door. And do not neglect shoeboxes, they can be very useful to store things in the closet or any cupboard, all you have to do is to cover or paint them, to make them look nice.

Do you have any storage ideas that you want to share ? Ideas that don’t appear in this post, some of my ideas you want to complete… Tell me. Especially about shoes storage ; every suggestion is welcome !

Hope you liked this post and those ideas would help you to reorganize your closet.

See you soon ❤

Ady ❤

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