Pineapple Bag and Pencilpot !

With Spring, I feel my Summer’s longings slowly coming back. One of those things is about fruits. I love fruits, fruit juices, fruit sorbets etc And one of my favourite fruit is pineapple, but come on… Who doesn’t like pineapple ?! They are quite rare. And eating pineapple is also quite rare for me. So, to make good this loss, I had the idea to do some pineapple DIYs. Recently, I saw so many of these on Pinterest, it was too tempting to resist.

The first pineapple DIY I did was a small bag. It can be used as a rucksack for a child or as a handbag for an adult.

I used yellow squared fabric, green fabric and a yellow ribbon.

First, I cut a circle out of the yellow fabric. I calculated the circle perimeter (P). And I cut a rectangle out of the yellow fabric(length= P and width as you wish). Out the green fabric, I cut the pineapple’s leaves.(same length as for the yellow rectangle)

I sewn together the leaves and the rectangle twice, first to fasten them together, second to make a space, a tunnel to thread in the ribbon which will be used to open and close the bag.

Then, I sewn the whole thing to form a tube. A t this step, make sure you don’t sew the tunnel for the ribbon, or you won’t be able to thread the ribbon in.

At the bottom, I sewn it with the circle which will be the base of the bag.


I threaded the ribbon into the tunnel, using a pin, and make a knot. Then, I turned over the bag.

I used an other ribbon of the same color to make a handle and the straps.

I sewn one end at the bottom of the bag, went to the top, make a loop, swen this loop at the crossing point and sewn the other end of the ribbon at the bottom of the bag on the other side respect to the other end.

Taddaaa !!!

What do you think of this bag ? Do you like it ? I know mine isn’t as cute as the one on Pinterest, but I’m still proud. I found it cute. As I’m not a child anymore, I would use it as a handbag for shopping time with my friends.;)

My pineapple fever didn’t stop there. I made an other DIY seen on Pinterest( did I tell you that I love Pinterest ? Everyday single day I need to go on this wonder and find ideas )

This time, I made a pineapple pencil holder. For this, you’ll need an hold cylindrical  food container, green paper, yellow paper/paint, orange paint/nail polish and glue.

First of all remove the top of the pot, use a knife. If you are a child or a teen, ask an adult to do it for you, I don’t want you to cut yourself !

When the top part is removed, the fastest and easiest is to paint in yellow the pot. But if you don’t have paint like me, don’t worry, you don’t have to rush to the supermarket. You can use yellow paper. When the paint is dry(or the paper glued, draw small crosses all around the pot with the orange paint or the nail polish. Let it dry.

With the green paper, cut three strips of « leaves ». A mini, a medium and a maxi.

Then, glue the green strips on the top of the pot, first the maxi, then the medium on the maxi and the mini on the medium.

Done !:)

Easy, isn’t it ? Now I have a very cute pencil holder, which will remind of summer all the time.:)

Do you like this one ? Between those 2 DIYs it’s hard for me to say which one is my favourite. Maybe the bag….

What about you ? Which one is your favourite ? Tell me in the comments.

Hope to see you soon in a next post.

Take care of yourself.<3


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