My Back-to-School Essentials

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? I hope you all had nice holidays(for those who had some), because today, we’re going to talk about Back-to-School ! When I was a child, back-to-school was a real nightmare, simply because I hated school.So buying school supplies was a torture, reminding me that holidays were over and school coming back. Now, it’s different, since I’m not at school anymore but at university, studying things I like, with people I like etc So for today’s post, I decided to share with you my essentials for this year, some I bought, some I DIYed. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and let’s get starded !

#1-Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

Recently, BuJo(Bullet Journal) has been very trendy. At first, I wasn’t interested in(maybe because it’s trendy and I don’t like to follow trends), but I looked for details about it and thought it could maybe be useful for me, by helping me plan my studies, my blog etc. So I made one ! I just assemble mini hardback papersheets for the pages with scrapbooking paper for covers. I prefered to do like this, rather than using a notebook, because this way, I can add as many pages as I wish/need. My bullet Journal is quite simple. I simply made a page for Year Goals ; and for every month, one page for Month Goals, one page with a mini calendar to plan the month(event, articles), and two or three pages to write down my articles. Maybe, later, if needed, I’ll add other pages.

#2- Fridge Calendar



I bought this one in St Petersburg at Dom Knigi, a big library on Nevsky Prospekt. I thought it was so cute and it cost less than one dollar !



#3-Mini Reading desk

Another essential for this year is this small reading desk for my phone or anything else I need to look at when working. I did this one myself and I’m going to show you how.

You’ll need a picture frame that can stand, cardboard and cute scrapbooking paper.

Remove the glass part, use it as a template to cut a piece of scrapbooking paper that will fit in the frame. Also, cut a piece of cardboard to glue on the base of the frame, with this, your phone or paper won’t fall down but stay in place.

Tadaa !



A Back-to-School without pencils isn’t a Back-to-School. I bought new colored pens and I have to say I’m in love with them, I love the colors ! I also bought pencils, but I wanted them to be a little bit more sparkling. Some I dipped some of them into white glue then in into a sparklings pot, and let them dry. Now their tops are all sparkling ! I also wanted to have a funny topper with something I like very much. I printed small images of ginger kitties(like my cat), cut them up and glued them on a little foam cube. Then I made a hole in the cube to put the pencil on.



Among my essentials, I had to add my grader ( the one I made a few post ago,do you remember?) This guy is going to be very useful this year for the blog, to store all my ideas.;) You can have a look on this DIY here.


I think I have a problem with notebooks… If I could buy thousands of notebooks, I would. That’s a huge problem. So I have to restrict myself when it comes to such things. For the moment I have been quite reasonable, I only bought 4 notebooks, one very simple, one for notes and drawings, and two for university. But I’m afraid it won’t be enough and I’ll have to some more;)

#7-Pencil Case

This one, I both did’nt make or buy it. It was a gift my mom received with an order and she gave it to me (Thank you Mommy !:) ) I love its format, you can store a lot in it and it’s quite easy to put in your bag.

#8-Flamingo Eraser



When I saw this eraser in my favourite destocking shop, I instantly melted. The price+the size+the design… It was love at first sight !



#9-Tissues Pouch

Something I always need is tissues. But storing them isn’t very simple. So when my mom gave me a set on small pouches for tissues I was very happy. From now on, no need to worry about that !

#10-Coloring Book


This little guy is a gift my friends gave to me on my birthday in St Petersburg, all flowers drawings inside. It seems they knew I love flowers….:) When I get bored, or just want to relax, this book is perfect !

#11- Smoothie Mug


When I work, I need to have something to drink by my side, especially something I love to drink. And I love smoothies. So, the perfect guy would be this small bottle. Easy to hold, not using to much space. Good combo !



#12-Computer Pouch

Finally, my last but not least essential is this computer pouch I made. I used an old pullover for this DIY.

Cut into the pullover and sew along three sides.

Also cut two pieces of cardboard and sew them inside the pouch(this way, the computer or ipad would get protected).

For the closing system, I sew on one side a button and a hair rubber band on the other side, like so :

Taddaaa !

That’s all for my essentials for this year Back-to-School. I hope it gave you ideas, and you enjoyed this post.

I wish you a nice back-to-school time, don’t worry, holidays would come back sooner than you think 😉

Thank you for passing by and for reading.

See you in a next post ❤

Ady ❤

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