Fruit Medley

Hello everyone ! How are you today ? Tell me, do you like fruits? Which one is your favourite ? In my case, I LOVE fruits, so it’s quite hard to say which one is my favourite, maybe it’s pineapple, or is it banana, or strawberry ? Anyway, if I had to drink only fruit juice and eat fruit from this day, OMG! That would be so cool!!!! But let’s go back to reality and stop dreaming 😉 Today, I wanted to share with you some fruit themed DIYs. The perfect combo for me 😉 🙂 : fruits and DIYs :’)

Let’s get started ! 🙂

I will start with a DIY in this month’s spirit(Back-to-School), it’s a pencil holder. But not a common one, an apple one.

For this DIY, you’ll need a cookies box, and colored papers.

Cut into the box to get a pot to put pencils in.



Cut off the colored papers, into 4 shapes of apple, like so:


Then, glue these apples to the cardboard pot this way:




There ! 🙂 You easily got a very cute apple pencil holder. If you don’t like apples, you can just make another fruit: pineapple, peach etc


To continue, I moved on the theme “decoration”, to change from Back-to-School 😉 I decided to make a fruit garland. I ensure you, this one is sooo easy, it’s insane !

All you need, is to draw fruits on white or colored paper, cut off these fruits and glue them all on a thread. Then, hang the garland wherever you like. Easier ?



I have another very easy DIY for you. I even think, we can’t really call that a DIY… don’t really know. I would rather say it’s an idea for customizing. I took a small wooden basket, paint the outside in black and the inside like a kiwi.



Today’s last DIY is in the same spirit of customizing. I used to have a small table on my balcony, but as time passed, colors faded and it doesn’t look cute anymore. 😥


So, I just painted it into a slice of watermelon(which is very popular currently), and I really love it this way. It gives punch to my balcony and feels Summer the all year. 🙂


I hope you guys like this DIYs and ideas. I loved making these, it was so much fun and so relaxing, even if at the end of the day I felt very hungry( thinking of fruits the all day doesn’t seem to be such a good idea :’) )

Take care of yourself.

Hope to see you soon in a next post ❤

Ady ❤



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