Traveling to Saint Petersburg <3 :)

Hello everyone ! I’m very happy to meet you again with a very special post today. Today, I’m not sharing DIYs, I’m about to share with you pictures and other things about my recent one-month travel to Saint Petersburg in Russia. Have you ever gone there ? Tell me in the comments please. Today’s post will be a Travel Diary.

So let’s get started !

Why did I go to Saint Petersburg ?

I didn’t tell you, but I’m still studying. And russian language is one of my study subjects. Something important about learning a language, is that you MUST go to the country. To practizise, to learn more about the culture, to meet with locals and get contacts…. Moreover, this is a good excuse for travelling 😉 This is the reason why I went to Russia. And why this city ? Just because I’ve always been quite fond of this city, so why not ?

But, stop talking, here are some of my many pictures I took. I hope you’ll feel through them how beautiful this city is.

Pictures/ TravelDiary

Peter and Paul Fortress


Yusupov(owned by the richest family in Europe, even richer than Russia’s Emperors)

Tsarskoe Selo(with the Catherine Palace which was destroyed during the Second WorldWar and entirely been restaured recently)

Peterhof(The Russian Versailles on the Finland Gulf)

Finland Gulf


Botanical Garden(an enchanting place in the northern part of the city)

New Holland Park(used to be the place where boats were built, now it’s a park)


Museums: with some many of them, the city deserves its title of Russia’s cultural capital

Hermitage(the biggest museum complex in the world)

General Staff(part of the Hermitage complex)

Russian Museum ( a place with only russian masterpieces, giant ! )

Russian Museum of Ethnography ( one of the biggest in Europe, shows you the life of different people of Russia)

Fabergé Museum( you can see there famous Romanov Eggs and other things from Fabergé factories)

Dostoievsky Appartment(one among most famous russian writers)


A fine grocer’s shop on Nevsky Prospekt(OMG, when visiting this shop, I was sooo hungry)


During the Day

At night(when bridges open)


Churches: the most russian in this city

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood(the most beautiful cathedral in the world)

Kazan Cathedral(the highest cathedral of Russia, the only cathedral on Nevsky Prospekt) 

St Isaac Cathedral(a russian jewel near by the Neva)

St Nicolas Naval Cathedral

Smolny Convent(a blue and white treasure)

Alexander Nevsky Lavra(at the start of Nevsky Prospekt, a holy place for the protector of this city)

Saint Catherine’s Armenian Church( a small jewel on Nevsky Prospekt near by the “Gostiny Dvor” mall)

For more pictures, have a look on my Pinterest Board here. I will upload pictures there one by one, as they are so many.

I really hope you liked this post and that now you absolutely want to go there. Definitively, I recommend you this city, so many things to see, so much beauty, so nice people….

I’ll see you soon in a next post, and until there, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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