Tea, more than a passion

Hello everyone! How are you?

It seems there are two major teams in the world: the coffee team and the tea team. Which one are you? Personally, I’m tea team. I don’t really drink coffee. Sometimes, I can add some in my hot chocolate, but that’s all.

Among teas, my favourites are green tea and flowered tea. Basically the kind of teas you drink in China and over Asian countries, I think.

I think one of the differences between tea and coffee is that tea team members have a more or less huge collection of teas, and coffee team members don’t really. Is it just me or is it really this way? What do you think?

Personally I do have a quite nice tea collection, maybe not as big as others’, but considering I’m not 30 yet and still have time to discover and buy lots of new teas, I think we can say it’s a good amount of tea that I have. 😊

Another collection that may exist with tea is teapots collection. On this point I’m still a baby in my egg. Especially when I look at my mom’s collection. She does have so many cute teapots, some shaped like little houses, some more traditionnel with nice drawings, big and small teapots etc…whereas I only have one, a blue elephant teapot from Lipton.

There is also the famous tea cups collection. At home, we do have so many of them. Most of them were in the family, but my mom enlarged the army by buying some old and pretty ones at flea markets… I often say, teasing her, that if we kept on this way, we could soon open a boarding school and have enough tea cups for everyone! 😂

And let’s not forget all the gadgets’ industry that comes along with tea! There are so many of these I can’t enumerate all of them. But there is one I really like, maybe because you can handmade it 😏, I’m talking about teapot cover. You know, these fabric piece that keep warm your tea and in the meantime add some cosy texture, some fashion to your tea table. My mom has a few of these, made my her grandmas and herself. I didn’t have any, and so wanted to have one. One that maybe I could pass on to my daughters (if God gives me daughters) and then to their daughters. One that I would proudly say I made myself. Another reason is I was sick of making tea in my teapot and not being fast enough to drink everything before it was cold. Cold tea is not yummy at all, really.

So I made one. And I wanted to share it with you. Maybe among you there are other tea lovers. 😉

For this cover, I used some leftovers of foam. Using one of my mom’s teapot covers, I cut off two pieces. Then I sewed them together, making sure the foamy side would be on the outside and the fabric side inside. After stinging my fingers several times, it was done. Then, I flipped it around. To cover it I chose a kind of zebra patterned blue /grey fabric. I cut two pieces, sewed them together and put it on the foam base. And lastly, I secured the bottom with a hem inside the cover.

To make it look cuter, I sewed a pink (surprise, surprise!) bow on top of it. And that’s pretty all. I’m very pleased how it turned out. And I’m also pleased not having cold tea anymore at the end of my teapot. 🤣

I hope you like this post. Thank you for passing by and reading my blog I really appreciate.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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