10 different pizzas with a multifunction cooker

Hello!  Today I’m back with another cooking themed post.
I’m not sure if I already told you that a few months ago I received a multifunctional cooker. Since then, I’ve used it for everything. I experienced lot’s of recipes and wanted to see if this cooker could replace all the rest of cooking machines. But this is not the purpose of this post. Today, I want to share with you how to make pizza with a multifunctional cooker, and 10 different ones by the way.

Let’s get started!

#Make the pizza dough

You’ll need :
– 110g of flour
– 1 tablespoon of oil
– 5cL of hot water
– 1/8 teaspoon  of salt
– herbs or/and spices

You can mix and knead by hand but if you have a bread making machine like I do, that’s a great option. It’s easier and as the machine is working for you, you can do something else, making you gain time.

When the dough is ready, roll it out on baking paper. Make sure it’ll fit in the cooker’s pan, not to small, not to big.
Now, time for the filling. Next I give you 10 ideas.
Finally, put it in the cooker, choose the bread program and cook it for 1hour and 45 minutes.

#3 cheeses pizza

On the dough, apply a layer of tomato sauce. Add pieces of Gouda, mimolette and some rapped emmental.

#Bacon-cheese pizza

Display on the dough pieces of cheese(any kind)  and bacon.

#Mushroom-cheese pizza

Display some pieces of gouda on the dough with mushrooms and add on top some rapped emmental with spices.

#Creamy mushrooms pizza

In a bowl mix one portion of cream with one portion of tomato sauce. Apply on the dough. Add mushrooms.

#Ham-Goat cheese-Tomato pizza

For the dough, add herbs and paprika.
Cut in slices one half of tomato and place them on the dough, add some ham pieces  and goat cheese pieces(here I used some feta)

#Sausage-Chorizo-Bacon pizza

Cut pieces of sausage and chorizo. Place them on the dough with some bacon. Add some paprika on top.

#Avocado Chorizo and Tomato pizza – The 3-O pizza

Cook two onions for about 10 minutes with some oil and garlic. On the dough, display chorizo, avocado and tomato pieces and these onions. 

#Spicy Chicken and Mushrooms pizza 

Cook with some oil, paprika, turmeric, garlic and a little bit of salt some mushrooms with a chicken escalope cut in small pieces. Make sure you don’t cook them entirely, it’ll finish to cook with the dough. Display on the dough and add some more spices.


#Trout Olive and Goat Cheese pizza – The Greek pizza

This one is very salty but every once in a while, we can allow ourselves this kind of guilty pleasure because this one is also so freaking yummy.

Cut in half green olives, some pieces of cheese and some pieces of trout (you can replace with salmon, as you wish). Display on the dough.

#Cheesy Pepper and Bacon pizza

Display on the dough pieces of pepper and bacon. Add cheese and spices on top.


That’s everything for today’s post. I hope you like these ideas. Thank you for passing by and reading. I really appreciate. If you have any recommendation, please let me know, I would be very happy to hear your thoughts.


I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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