How to welcome Spring

Hello there ! How are you all ? It’s been a while and Spring is now all set. It only needs a little something more, so that we can enjoy it fully. Today, I would like to share with you what I prefer to do when Spring starts and really install it in my life.

Let’s get started !

Gardening. It’s time to cut the grass again, prepare the vegetable garden and so on. What’s best to invite Spring in one’s life than connect with Nature herself?! Especially after the long Winter months, being able to get out in the garden, work with flowers, plants and soil is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It’s like being alive again, with Nature.

Making bouquets. Collect flowers and grasses to make beautiful bouquets, create something, bring Nature into your house. it’s like bringing some air back in your house, to make it breath and live again, to give it a brand new and fresh dress and throwing away the old wintery dress.

Washing up linens, bed sheets, curtains and so on. This is another great way to invite air into your house and make it fresh and clean. That feeling you get when smelling fresh linen…. To leave Winter and meet with Spring, it’s essential to chase away the dust and dirt out of the house and bring inside a clean and fresh air.

Decluttering. As it’s necessary to chase away the dust and dirt, it’s also good to chase away the clutter. Bring on the Spring clothes and store out the Winter ones. The best way to declutter, in my opinion, is to go from one room to another. First room done, off to another one. When doing that, I feel like conquering back each room of the house. In each room, just empty all your drawers, wardrobe, pieces of furniture, categorize, and go through each pieces.

Deep cleaning. Before putting back what you keep, use this opportunity to clean all the surfaces, inside the drawers and so on. Then you can put everything back. And, last step, once al the surfaces are clean and furnitures filled, clean up the floor that probably received all the dust and dirt of the room. And now it’s all clean and ready for Spring to come into your house.

Opening windows. Just for a while everyday, so that air can be renewed and stay fresh inside the house.

Walking. As Winter left and Spring came back, I returned to my old Summer and Autunm habit, aka going out in the garden, in the prairie, just for walking and smell the perfumes of Nature. These moments are very important for me as they allow me to reconnect with Nature and let my spirit fly around and find himself back.

That’ll be everything for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Spring to everyone, enjoy it fully !

Thank you for passsing by and reading my blog. Your support, even silent, is always valuable to me and bring me more joy than you can imagine.

I’ll talk to you soon in  a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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