My Selection of Decoration Pieces

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

Decorating as always been a passion of mine, among many others. How many times have I redecorated my bedroom, changed the layout, moved furniture all by myself, no matter the size or the weight….. But I think this passion grew up a lot over the last years, as I’ve been watching a lot of design and decorating videos on Youtube. Actually, it probably started with the channel “Living Big in a Tiny House”. For the cuteness of tiny houses and the challenges building these implies, my interest slowly moved to interior design and decorating, and rooms makeovers (by far, one of my favourite type of videos, I absolutely love watching how a room can evolve into something completely different!) This is how I started redoing my room, inspired by what I saw on Youtube and Pinterest. Today I would like to share with you a list I made of my favourite decoration pieces or pieces that maybe aren’t decorative in the first place, but still act as good decoration pieces in the end.

#Pillows. What best way to give a pop of color to any bed or couch? You can play with colors, textures, shapes, sizes, a whole universe of possibilities!

#Floral arrangements. As a flower and nature lover, this one is certainly a must-have for me. It can be fresh flowers bouquet in Spring or Summer, but it can also be dried flowers, dried bouquets that stay all year along. I like to have fresh bouquets in my home, bringing Nature into the house, but I really like let them dry and keep them during each season. This way I kept some of my 25th birthday party bouquets, as memories.

#Lamps. They’re both useful and decorative. I prefer using a decorative lamp than a simple one without any personality. A unique lamp, serving practical and decorative purposes is far better.

#Curtains. They’re essential for giving privacy, shade etc, but they’re too when it comes to decorating and arranging a room. Windows without curtains are weird and make the room feel strange, like there’s something missing. It elevates the room, I would say.

#Rugs. The piece that links everything in the room, gives warmth to the space and personality to the room.

#Books. Not only do they allow to broaden our minds, knowledges, but they also provides good decoratings options for a space. A house without books feels empty to me, it lacks warmth.

#Plants. As flower arrangements do, they had some Nature into a house and make it breath. Furthermore, having some greenery around you inside is mentally good.

#Mirrors. They may not seem to be decorative pieces at first, but they really fill decorating purposes. First, the frame may be decorative. Second, a mirror allows to make a room feel bigger.

#Paintings, framed pictures and frames. I would say they give the same feelings than books, but they also allow to expand the volume of the room. It can one single big painting or a gallery wall (I like the second option most, as it allows me to use different pictures instead of just one )

#Paravent. Perfect for dividing a big room and create a another space in the existing one.

#Ottomans. Seatings that fill a decorative purpose, another way to join utility and beauty.

#Candles. It can be both candles to burn, scented or not, or sculpted one. Obviously, the last option isn’t supposed to burn and lose its original purpose, but they’re still decorative.

#Wicker baskets. They can be used either for storing things like plaids, pillows, kids’ toys… or either as pot holder. I like these as they bring some natural vibes into a room.

#Nicknacks. Most of minimalists would probably not agree with me on this last one, but I think nicknack are one of the decorating essentials. They fill the holes between the large pieces, especially on shelves. But they also symbolize family, legacy, as many nicknacks are inherited from older family members, or linked to family memories. Most of nicknacks have a story to tell, most of them hold memories to us. This why I think nicknacks are very important. They’re not practical, but they provide more decorating options and give a family feeling, a story to the house, they make the house alive in a way.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

Thank you for passsing by and reading my blog. Your support, even silent, is always valuable to me and bring me more joy than you can imagine.

I’ll talk to you soon in  a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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