What kept me away from the blog

Hello everyone ! Well, I’m really sorry, I’ve not been often on the blog over the last weeks. As soon as I decided to work hard on the blog, when school was over, my motivation and energy went down. For quite a good time, I was like an empty shell, without any inspiration or energy, only filled with anxiety. I was getting more and more anxious about not finding a work to buy a car, about choosing a job in my country or moving to Belarus or Russia. The unknown, the uncertainty all gave strenght to my anxiety and reduced to zero my energy. Don’t worry, I wasn’t totally depressed, it was just like being stuck into a corner, unable to move. Then I slowly came back to my senses, but inspiration wasn’t here yet. So I started work, to prevent my brain to work to much and my anxiety to come back. One of the things that made me very anxious was about the fact that I was living (still) with my parents but not working, not giving any financial support. Actually my brother still lives here, but he works, unlike me. So I felt guilty and bad, very bad about that. I eventually realized that getting anxious because I could find a job, wouldn’t get me a job. Getting anxious over a problem has never resolved the problem, as far as we know. So, when I got better, with more energy, I started working around in the house and the garden, to compensate my lack of job, kinda. Cleaning the house, cutting some skirting boards for the kitchen (they were to high and have been laying in the kitchen for a while), cutting the grass and so on.

I kept my hands busy so that I wouldn’t think too much and worry too much. And it helped me, not entirely but I’ve made some progress and I’m still making some. The therapy isn’t over. This kind of therapy actually never ends. I’ve come to think differently about my professionnal issues and looking for different ways. I’m still working on these.

Among the activities that kept me busy there is a room I’ve been working on for very long and it stayed unfinished for a while. About one or two weeks ago, I decided to finish this room. It was time. Let me show you what I’ve been up to.

Remember this room? It went through so many changes. When I was a kid, the walls were blue and white stripped, then I decided to paint it pink (the pink went far darker than expected) and last year I started painting them into a warm sandy beige, which is a far better choice I believe. It lights up the room and doesn’t make it feel like an igloo.

I decided to paint only three walls into the beige, as the fourth would hold the wardrobe and some shelving I made. It’s like an accent wall. And I like it better this way. So last year I started to paint and ran of paint… And the paint I’ve been using for this room, I couldn’t find it where I live, only in my study town, at the other side of the country… And when I got the chance to get there, I had the unpleasant surprise to realize that people discovered that paint existed. These shelves in the store were always full, almost no one would go there and grab a can of paint and suddenly at this period, people had emptied the whole section. This is how with the absence of paint, the renovation of this room went to a long break, as I had to finish painting before doing anything else.

But luckily, last September (I believe it was that month…) when I went back to university for one month, I managed to find some paint. The section had been refilled. Allelulia ! To prevent any further bad surprise, I took some precautions and bought two big cans of paint, to make sure I wouldn’t ran of it. Finally, after all the wintery months (no painting, as it was too cold) and my studying time, I have been able recently to finish the paint of this room ! Not only I painted three walls, but I also painted the windows. This way, it blends the trim into the walls and emphasizes the exterior, making you look at beyond the windows.

After the painting was done, I went for other projects in the room.

First, I made a gallery wall above a shelf that had been hang there for a while. I already made one a while ago and I absolutely loved the process. For this one, I chose a specific theme. I wanted to fill the room with Asian and Chinese accents, as I love China, speak Chinese and my bestfriend is Chinese. For the gallery wall, I went with peach blossoms, koi fish and bamboo paintings, kinda traditionnal. I’ve to confess, it was quite hard to choose among all my pins on Pinterest for the ones that would go on the wall. But I managed and I love how it looks. I also wrote Chinese quotes on some of them.

Then, I work on a headboard for the bed that was here.

  1. I first made a simple frame, as I wanted to do something simple.
  2. I covered it with a foamy fabric, that happened to be quite in the same color as the wall (Lucky me!)
  3. A closer look on the said fabric.
  4. When stampling the fabric on the back of the frame, I had to make sure the ends on the legs would be clean, so I cut and folded to get this perfect finished look.
  5. I also cut and folded the fabric on the top corners of the headboard.

I’m very happy with the final result since it’s the first time I’ve made something like that. Actually, it’s not that hard to make, you just have to be cautious with your measurements and it gets easy as ABC. I’m thinking about embroidering some peach blossoms on the headboard but I’ll leave it as it is for the time being. Maybe I will like it better the bare way.

Then, I added on top on the headboard, a fine shelve that will serve a certain purpose. This project isn’t done yet, so stay tuned.

And yes, you may be thinking “Come on girl, you din’t put it well on the wall! It’s not straight at all!” But believe me, I properly hung it on the wall, it’s just that the floor isn’t straight, so the headboard doesn’t seem straight either!😅 (nothing in my old house seems to be straight) This issue will be fixed the day I removed the (heavy) tiling floor with some wood floor. But it’s not for today, so for the time being I will leave this way or maybe add a small wedge.

The other project I’ve been working on in this room, is in the corner you first see when you walk in the room, the corner between the two windows actually. I wanted to install some shelving but didn’t know how to proceed. Then I realized I had a shelving piece of furniture laying around in my bedroom. It was perfect for what I had in mind. After emptying it, I proceeded to hang it on the wall. There were already holes for this purpose so I “just” had to make holes in the walls. As I wanted it to hold firmly on the wall and not crush on the floor, I used very long screws, as long as my forefinger.

But, of course, I had to meet some problems. I said that almost nothing is straight in this house. Now look closely. Even the corner isn’t perfectly 90° ! This is where disguising things becomes an art. To hide this gap, I decided to use a piece of trim between the wall and the furniture. As I planned to paint the wall thing in the same color as the wall, it wasn’t a problem, the paint would cover and hide the imperfections. But even the piece of trim I had wasn’t straight ! It really was my day.😅 But I managed to get the whole thing together. Then, as the glue was finally dry, I could start the painting. I waited overnight and the next morning, I decorated it (I was thrilled like a little kid)

I still have thing to do in this room, but progress has been made and it already feels better there. Stay tuned for the remaining projects in this room. I’ll obviously keep you updated.

That’ll be all for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for passing by and reading.

I’ll talk to you soon in  a next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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