Our Christmas Traditions

Hello everyone ! Welcome back ! How is your Advent doing ? Today, I would like to share with you the Christmas traditions we have been carrying out in my household for the last years and those I would like to implement as well.Traditions are very important in a human-being’s life, traditions are habits that give rhythm to human life, allowing the transition between generations. Traditions are what connects the past from the present and the future. Traditions are essential. That’s why I’m such a stickler for maintaining and installing traditions into my household. Traditions are like pillars in our lives, pillars that help us remaining standing up and not falling down, pillars that hold us back when lost and in need of support. Traditions are the pillars of a house, a home.

Let’s have a look at these traditions of mine !

Traditions I’ve been carrying out:

New Decor Item each year; it’s been a few years now since I started this little tradition of mine. It was actually when I was still a student, living alone away in a big city in my own apartment. In the past, I used to decorate the tree with my mom with our family decorations. But since I moved alone, I had to create my own collection of decoration items. This is how I’ve been collecting old ones from relatives and buying a new one (at least one) every year. Instead of buying a lot with no meaning, I’d rather buy a single but beautiful one, a unique and special one. This way my collection will be full of unique and beautiful pieces.

Tree up 1 month before; many people do put up the tree on the 1st of December. We also did it for many years. But we started to put it up rather on the 25th of November. Eagerness, influence from bloggers and so on ? Maybe.

Xmas music; as soon as we hit December, we instantly change our music playing on our HI-FI with Xmas themed music and songs. If you want some ideas, you can check out the playlist I created on this post, here. Having some Christmas music playing in the house helps me realizing that this time of year is near, otherwise I wouldn’t feel like it’s Christmas time, I would feel the vibes. Actually the real vibes, the ones we felt as kids, left me many years ago, when I was a teen. Probably because I wasn’t a kid anymore and already experienced some of life’s bitterness…

Xmas food; as you can see from the Christmas posts I upload every year here, I love to make some Christmas recipes during Advent and eat a lot of them. Sweet recipes are my favourites (well…I think you all already knew that…), snacks, cakes, breads and so on. But I also like to try different salted recipes, recipes I wouldn’t be able to try the rest of the year.

Xmas Teas; this is definitively a must-have ! Another way to set up a Christmasy mood, apart from music, is to drink Christmasy teas instead of usual ones. The ones I like the most are from Dammann (hopefully I got them from someone who used to work their and could get some with discounts, otherwise I think I would have never tasted these teas in my entire life…. You know, they’re not the cheapest teas in the world…)

Crackers; I got this tradition running in my home since I was a little child. Every year, we had to make some crackers, my grandma would make others and place them on the Christmas lunch table, they were the first gifts I would make for others, long before making and buying “real” gifts as I do now. It’s actually a good Christmas activity for kids, crackers-making, easy to do and very entertaining.

Traditions I would like to implement:

Other than these traditions already well implemented here, I would like to add some more, different ones, meaningful ones.

Sending Xmas Cards; it probably sounds crazy but other the last 2 decades, I don’t think we have sent that much Christmas cards, which is a shame, really. But starting this year, I would like to do it. Even if it’s only a few cards, I would be a good starting point. As you know, when it comes to implement new habits, it’s always better to start with few and then increase rather than starting with already too much.

Decorating outside of my house; we tried once with my mom, deocrating a few evergreen trees in our front yard, and it wasn’t that bad. But we probably got a bit lazy and didn’t put too much attention and thought to this idea, so we didn’t do it again. But I would love to. It’s not for other people to see, as no one can see into any part of my garden, but it would be quite pleasant for us to look at the windows and see some nice decorations outside rather than our very sad and ugly Winter scenery, considering that it hasn’t snowed properly for about a decade here (I mean it doesn’t stay, it’s quite rare to have some snowy Winter scenery).

That’ll be all for today’s post, I hope you found it useful, interesting. Thank you for sticking up to the blog. Thank you for reading, liking and commenting, it means a lot to me.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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