2021 Homemade Christmas Presents Ideas

Hello everyone ! How is your Advent going ? I know that not everyone is like me and my mom and get Christmas presents back in Summer, and rather get a few weeks before Christmas, hands empty…. Which is quite a nightmare. I also know that many people are more and more tired of giving the same presents year after year, others don’t necessarily have enough money for those (more and more) expensive things on the market. That’s the reason why for this 2021 Christmas serie, I wanted to give you lots of ideas of homemade Christmas presents. Gigting a homemade present for Christmas has many advantages: it’s cheaper, it has more meaning and strengthen relationships, it can be done “at the last moment”, it’s unique, personal and so on. It’s also a great solution when you’re trying to think out of the box when looking for gifts. I already uploaded the same kind of post in 2019, you can have a look at that one, to complete your ideas.

Here they’re, my 20 homemade gifts ideas !

#1 Scented Pouch; it can be lavender one (perfect to put into clothes and repel moth), or pot-pourri one.

#2 Artwork; if you have an artistic hand it can be a perfect gift, very customizable and holds some personal meaning.

#3 Journal; it can be blank one, given with stickers sheets and so on, or a travel one with pictures of a travel you had together, or an event one (like wedding ones you know).

#4 Tea; for tea lovers, there is no such things as too much tea in stock !

#5 Hot Beverage Set; a jar with cocoa powder, coffee and/or cinnamon and sugar, some marshmallows, a candy cane. Sounds cliché but how appropriate for Christmas and Winter time !

#6 Cookies/Jam/Syrup; homemade sweet delicacies are always welcomed.

#7 Plant; for a plant lover, gifting a plant you would have grown by yourself from your own seedlings and cuttings seems the perfect option.

#8 Blanket; a knited one or a quilted one.

#9 Bed Sheets Set; a very easy sewing project that turns into a very useful and unusual gift.

#10 Spices Set; that’s perfect for someone who loves to cook. Prepare different spices into small jars, display them together in a cute basket/box. And you’re good to go !

#11 Baking Mix; putting all the dry ingredients into a glass jar, add a tag with the recipe, cute ribbons and voila !

#12 Plushie/Ragdoll; a sweet memory to give to a child, something that’ll follow him all his life, as a child and as a parent passing on to his own children his old toys.

#13 Candles; everyone would agree that no one can’t be unhappy about receiving a candle, especially if it’s handmade.

#14 Scrunchies; every coquettes would love this gift.

#15 Fabric Book Cover; for bookworms.

#16 USB Key/ CD with music on it; perfect for someone who drives a lot, so that they can enjoy more their driving and think of you.

#17 Bath Bombs, Soaps; a good way to remind to someone to take care of them sometimes with a scented bath.

#18 Bath Towel and Glove; sewn and embroidered, it would be a perfect match with the previous idea.

#19 Dried Fruits and Nuts Mix; a good way to make unique mixes no one would find in stores.

#20 Audio Book; record your voice reading a book, for someone who can’t read anymore. It seems to me to be one of the most beautiful gift you could give. Even a drama play, recorded by multiple persons would be a great idea, a way of saying all together you care for that person.

That’s all for my 20 ideas of homemade Christmas presents, by the way many would work great as birthday or even baby shower (for some of them) presents. I hope you found this post useful and interesting.

Thank you once again for passing by and reading this little blog of mine. It gives me the strength to keep working on it and making it live. Thank you with all my heart.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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