My Sustainable Christmas

Hello everyone ! Welcome back on on the blog ! First, I wanna say I’m terribly sorry about the blank space the last days on the blog. I got more workhours than usual and still the same ampunt of work at home, which led to me not having enough time for the blog, which is why this post is late. Sorry about that. I indeed got my job right in time for my Christmas content, not such a good idea… But that’s life.

So today, I would like to share with you my tips for a more sustainable Christmas, things I try to do. I know that many people are against all the big stuff for Christmas, arguing it’s only once a year, that it’s more wasteful than anything and so on. I agree that it’s not an excuse for being even more wasteful, but… Christmas is, to me, much more than festivities with a lot of food, gifts, music, lights and so on. To me Christmas is a magical time from childhood, a sacred time, a family time, a time of caring, sharing. And for all those reasons I will always treat Christmas as a time of year when we should celebrate with a lot ( still within reasonable limits, obviously). For me, Christmas isn’t a time to celebrate lightly, there’s no shame about having a tree cut for a month each year, lots of decoration everywhere, mote fodd than usual. For me Christmas is a special occasion so it feels natural to have special measures. However, I try to have more sustainable habits, that help saving money and use it on other things. These habits help stop feeling guilty about having more and making this time of year even more meaningful.

Let’s get started !


I try to reuse as much as possible. First into decorating; I keep all my Christmas decorations and reuse them year after year, buying only a few ( as you saw with my traditions for Christmas). Also, I try to reuse for Christmas decorating, other decorating pieces I usually use for the rest of the year. It helps a lot not to buy more unnecessary decorations. I also keep, year after year, all the wrapping papers I collect from my presents, and others’ to reuse for new presents. Speaking of presents, I like too to keep shoe boxes and cover them with wrapping paper and use them as gift boxes. This way, you have to buy even less wrapping paper, since you already have enough material to wrap your presents.

#Useful/Needed Gifts

Instead of buying trendy or classical gifts, I’d rather gift things the persons need or cannot afford by themselves. I know that for some people, it sometimes may be quite complicated to find gifts. And it’s even more complicated to think out of the box and not give something ordinary and without any freshness. I personnaly prefer being gifted a not glamorous/trendy but useful gift than something I wouldn’t use in my life. How many times did I get some jewelry whereas I don’t wear them that much (except my christian cross and one or two bracelets), and when something more useful and needed would have been welcome. Christmas seems to be a wasteful time of year, mainly because of that: so many unnecessary and unwanted gifts being thrown away or resend afterwards (actually resend or regift is still a way to reduce that waste, but still, I find it very sad). That’s why I always do my best to find useful and needed gifts so it won’t go to waste and still make others happy.

That’ll be all for today’s post, I hope you find it useful and interesting. Thank you for passing by and reading, I really appreciate.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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