Christmas Dreams (Poem)

Hello everyone ! Welcome back for our last Christmas post for 2021. Time really flies, I didn’t see the whole Advent time coming and going, it’s crazy ! I was quite busy and exhausted during this period, which was both good and bad for me, so I’m both sad and happy it’s gonna be over. And before we jump into today’s post, I just want to tell you that there’ll be no new post uploaded until the 6th of January, the blog is getting some vacation and rest. I know it won’t be that much an issue for you all as it means no posts for holidays period when you obviously will have many things to do and no time for reading a blog. I just wanted to let you know. So, between today and the 6th of January, there’ll be nothing new here. The blog will be resting a bit (and so will I, maybe….)

Today, I chose to share with you my latest poem, the first I’ve been actually writing since last July… For those who may have missed the info, I lost my baby cat back during Summer, right after my birthday. Since then, my inspiration have gone dry, only God knows how I have been able to sustain the blog right after these events…. Anyway, 2021 Christmas is a very sad one for me, since there is not my baby anymore.

Actually, it’s only yesterday evening that this poem came to my mind while I suddenly remembered what the work had me forget, what changed for Christmas. I was unsure whether I should share this poem or not, as it probably reflects all the tears I was pouring out while writing. But it’s been so long since I last wrote one and share one, I thought I should share and not hide the fact that this weekend won’t be as joyous as my Christmas posts on the blog may suggest. I chose telling the truth over lying to you, I chose confiding in you rather than hiding from you, you all that helped me so much keeping on track, almost alive, along the last months. Take this poem as a thanking-gift from me to you all, for your support and presence that helped me more than you can imagine.

Christmas Dreams

Some are dreaming of a white Christmas,

While I achely dream of a past Christmas.

I look at the empty foot of the decorated tree,

Wondering where could have gone he.

The wooden and felt ornaments won’t tingle anymore,

As the one who loved Christmas is no more.

Many are looking for hundreds of presents under the tree,

While I wonder where this small and soft ghost might be.

I wish this Christmas could be for me happy,

But how can it be without my lost baby ?

This year, he got wings to fly,

As I got tears to cry.

Some are getting a family Christmas,

While I get a parting Christmas.

And before leaving you until the 6th of January, let me wish you a very happy Christmas, spend this holy and special time with your loved ones, cherish them, rest well, enjoy some good food and have a good time.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post, thank you again for everything.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

Have a merry Christmas up in the sky, in the Heavenly Kingdom, the evergreen and everlasting paradise.

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