Easter DIY Decorations

Hello everyone! These last days, I have been making some crafts for Easter. I thought it could be nice to show them to you and explain a bit about how I made them.

Let’s get started!

#Easter Scenery

This first DIY makes me so proud and is very special for me. As you know, for us Christians, Easter is when we celebrate the Christ resurrection. For Christmas we do have a Christmas scenery to celebrate this time of year. But for Easter, it seems we don’t any thing like that. So I decided to make my own Easter scenery. I used cardboard boxes covered with white paper then painted to make the whole structure. I wanted to create 4 spaces : one for Palm Sunday, with leaves on the floor; one for Holy Thursday, with a table; one for Holy Friday with the Cross and one for Easter morning, with the Christ empty Sepulchre.

For the Palm Sunday part, I simply glued some fake green leaves on the floor.

For the Holy Thursday part, I made a little table using cardboard and some tissue.

For the Holy Friday part, I made a cross using an old pen. I cut it into 3 parts, one larger and two shorter. I glued together these pieces to make the cross. Then I glued the cross on the structure and add some little balls of modeling clay as rocks at the base.

For the Easter Morning part, I made a cavity into the structure and glued a round piece of cardboard to imitate the stone closing the tomb.

I added some paper rocks and green leaves everywhere to make the scenery more realistic.

#Hanging Wreath

For this hanging wreath, I used a cardboard circle, wrapped it with yellow cotton thread. Then I decorated with washi tape, pompom, little wood bird figurine, tassel, ribbon and fake flowers I glued all over. To hang it up, I took a spring themed paper napkin. I folded it and glued the two ends on the back of the wreath.

#Table Floral Wreath

At the beginning I wanted to make a kind of green bird nest, but it seems I ended up making another spring wreath. I used a foam wreath, First I painted with pink, to give some terracotta vibes. Then I printed out some pink flowers pictures found on Pinterest and glued them all around on top. Now it looks like a terracotta wreath covered with pink flowers and green leaves.

I hope you like these crafts. Thank you for passing by and reading, I really appreciate.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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