2019 Christmas Snacks

I love Christmas time for all the sweet and delicious things we get to eat and drink during this time of year. And I’m also looking forward to make myself my own Christmas snacks and try new recipes. This year, I’ve been quite adventurous and tried, without any written recipes, 3 snacks. Actually, it would be more true to say 2 kind of candies and one syrup. Let me show you.

Clementine- Caramel Candies

At first, when making these candies, I wanted to make some clementine jam. But things turned out differently (this is what happens when you try to cook something without any recipe, you rarely end up with the planned result). So what I wanted to be jam start to caramelize. I told myself, “Okay, fine. Seems we won’t have clementine jam tonight but rather clementine caramel. Fine.” When it was gold enough, I removed the pot from the fire and poured the mixing on baking paper in a plate and let it cool down for the night. The next day, I undertook to cut into pieces this caramel and shape them like candies I was planning to wrap with pieces of baking paper. The only thing that didn’t really go as planned was that I thought I could do take without using my hands, just a knife and a spoon. How wrong was I ! I quickly ended up with a ball of water on the table, to “wash” my hands of the sticking caramel. Using the knife and my fingers, I managed to cut out pieces of the caramel and shape them into candies, wrapped into baking paper, as planned. Overall, it went quite well actually. And the taste is… perfect? I think I’ll have to give a lot to friends or I’m gonna eat all of them and gain so much weight ! 😀

– Apple Fruit Jelly Balls

To make these, I cooked some apple cubes with about the same weight of sugar. I regularly stired the mixing to prevent it from attaching to the pot. I made sure it was quite thick and almost brown before removing from the fire and storing it into jars. A few days later, when it was completely cooled down, I used a spoon to make some balls out of this over cooked jelly( because this is what it is) and rolled them into white sugar.

– Christmas Cinnamon-Apple Syrup

To make this syrup, I cooked apple quarters with some sugar, some cinnamon and water for about 1 hour. The more water you put into the mix, the more diluted the syrup will be, and also less sugared. Having no thin strainer, I tried my best to filter the mix and keep apple pieces out of the syrup, but some small ones made it into the bottle. Honestly, it’s not such a bad thing, just less pretty when you look at the bottle.

I honestly didn’t know how it would turned out but I’m seriously stunned by the result. I don’t need a lot of syrup, not even a quarter of the glass and when I drink, it’s like eating some baked cinnamon apples. This one is definitely a winner!

I hope you like these recipes. Thank you once again for reading my blog, it means a lot to me.

That’s all for today’s post, I’ll talk to you in the next post.

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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