DIY Christmas Presents Ideas

Hello everyone!  Christmas is on its way and some of us may not have all the presents they want to give. But don’t worry, there is still time. Today I wanted to share with you some presents ideas. But not just ideas of things you may buy. We use to say that the most important isn’t the gift itself, it’s the act of giving, the act of caring, that is the most important. Personally, the gifts I like the most are the handmade ones, not the bought ones. I like these because they imply that the giver spend some time making them for you and thought about you all this time. It shows how much they care for you. So today I’m sharing with you DIY presents ideas perfect for Christmas (or any occasion actually)
Let’s get started!

#Photo Album
Memories are the best gift ever!  So giving a DIY album filled with precious pictures and memories seems perfect to me.

#Poetry Album
Not everyone is fond of poetry but I’m sure I’m not the only one on earth! If one day, someone gives me a set of poems (from them or someone else)  they would have written by hand with a nice pen in a small notebook, believe me I would be thrilled!

#Homemade snacks
Honestly, who doesn’t love a good set of snacks made with love?!
Here are the links to my posts about snacks from this year and previous years.

2019 Christmas Snacks
2018 Christmas Snacks
2017 Christmas Snacks

Perfect for a coquette and it as expensive as something from a store.

Short Necklace, Braided Bracelet and Pectoral-styled Necklace
Mini Makeup/Jewelry Box
Fabric Hairknots
Ribbon Bracelet

One of the best gifts to offer. Ideal if you have time and skills (and measurements of course)

Winter Scarf and Headband
Summer Hat, Sandals and Crop-top
Customized Tee-shirts

#Bag or Pouch
Every lady would love this kind of gift. Ladies never have enough bags and pouches to store all there stuff.

Glasses Pouch
Pineapple Bag
Makeup Pouch

There are certainly many other ideas, but still I hope you can find your happiness, or should I say, someone’s happiness, in this list of ideas. I wanted to be original and use ideas I already made by the past.

That’s all for today’s post, I hope you like it. Thank you for passing by and reading my blog.

I’ll talk to you soon in a next post,
Until then, take care of yourself ❤
Ady ❤

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