Let’s kick in 2022 ! My Projects for 2022

Welcome back ! Happy New Year ! I hope you got enough rest, enough time with your beloved during the holidays and are now ready to plunge into this brand new year. I wish you many good things, but mostly to have a merry, happy year with good memories. Today, as a first post on the blog for 2022, I would like to tell you about my aspirations and projects for the blog for 2022.

Let’s get started !

My first project is about something I already told you about, my Etsy shop. Last time I talked to you about it, I was plannng and making preparations for its launch but then, something unexpected happened: I got a job. And it completely turned upside down all my preparations, blog schedule and so on. My job took me so much energy and time that preparations for my Etsy shop got put on hold, as many things were slowed down. But now, it’s been a few months since I got my job and got used to this new pace of life, so I determined for this new year to get my damn butt kicked and get this project done. There’ll probably have some alterations to the original plan, but, let’s be honest, this is what life is about, making plans and changing them afterwards.

Another big project of mine, linked to the blog, is about a certain room I started, almost years ago…., to makeover. Yes… This one. Since last time I updated you about it, not that much has changed. I still have some decorating things to do, the wardrobe to finish, the floor to remake, windows to change (they realllyyy need to get replaced….) And now that I have a job, it means I have some money getting into my pocket, money I may use to buy new windows, wood floor and other little things (because paying back my bro and father who helped me buy my first car won’t take me years, so I will have some money left), and it means money won’t be an excuse anymore for not making progress on this room.

Another thing I want to do this year, is to start a new serie of post for the Lent-Easter season. Until now, I only did this for Back-to-School and Advent/Christmas time. But I really want to do it too for Lent/Easter which happens to be as important as Christmas for me. So get prepared for more content during March and April ! (I’m already planning everything and OMG I get so excited for this !!!)

I cannot tell if I’m excited or not for this new year. I’m excited because I hope for good things, better things than in 2021, as 2021 has been a wicked year to me (the least we can say), so I’m hungry for better things and moments. But in the same time, I’m not excited since 2021 has bled me and left me almost empty, hollow. In this kind of state you don’t wish for anything, you don’t hope anymore. So I’m stucked in a corner, mentally speaking, the only two things that keep me sane are my job and this blog. So I hold on these two, until something changes, gets better or else.

Anyway, let’s get together on this 2022 ride and see what it has in store for us. We can only hope and do our best to make the most of it. We cannot stop it from coming, so…

That’ll be all for today’s post, thank you for passing by and reading my blog, I hope you’ll get as much entertained as for the previous years, and even more. I’ll do my best to give the most useful, interesting and entertaining content in 2022 !

I’ll talk to you in a next post,

Until then, take care of yourself ❤

Ady ❤

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