Matrioshka (Poem)

Hello everyone! Welcome back for a brand new poem of mine, the first in Russian language actually. This poem is like a small song a little girl would sing to her matrioshka, standing on her bedside table. She sings to forget about the darkness and cold of the night and the loneliness she feels without … More Matrioshka (Poem)

Unutterable Pain

Hello there! It’s been a while since I last shared with you another of my poems. I’ve been composing less over the last two months or so, university stuff, and so on, kept me busy and burnt a lot of my energy recently. Still I managed, from time to time, to compose a bit, kind … More Unutterable Pain

Every Year

Hello every one! I’m currently very inspired for my poems. I’ve got do many coming out of my head. So I might share a lot with you over the next weeks. Hope you like them. 🙂 This one is called “Every Year”, relating my love for Spring, year after year. Enjoy! French (Original) Version below … More Every Year

The Big Moving

“As children are getting older and bigger, Houses are getting smaller. Then, alas, time comes, For the big moving. One get thousands of boxes, For the house to empty itself in. When sorting out things, a thousand and one memories come back, Memories with tears and memories with smiles. And finally, it’s departure for new … More The Big Moving